Latah Building Project

Latah Valley Campus Layout

Here is a top level view of our long-term, four-phase vision.  Below are site plan sketches that show the changes planned for each of the phases.  The project is already underway, but the faster we can raise the $150,000 required to finish through Phase 3 then the faster we will build!

Layout, Phase 1

The first step of the plan is to double the size of the main building so all of the kids can be in a safe, new building just on the other side of the wall from the main sanctuary.

Layout, Phase 2

The next step involves adding a bump-out on the north edge of the sanctuary. This extra space will allow us to build dedicated rooms for the kids and nursery, a big foyer where people can mingle or hear/see the sermon outside of the sanctuary, and great bathroom facilities. Once this space is added then the wall between Phase 1 and the sanctuary will come down so the sanctuary can double in size and hold as many as 300 people.
If all goes well we should be through this Phase by the end of 2016.

Layout, Phase 3

In the Spring of 2017 we will start leveling and sodding to create the first soccer fields and basketball courts for our sports leagues!

Layout, Phase 4

Down the road, once we have out grown Phase 2 and we don’t have any more hours in the day to add additional services we will build a beautiful multi-purpose building that will become our new sanctuary as we as our theater and gymnasium.